Our jewelry is made of silver 925 with vermeil of 24k gold.

Please note that gold-plated jewelry requires special care and attention to maintain its lustrous appearance.

While wearing them or storing them, avoid contact with bodily fluids, alcohol (perfumes, colognes, etc.), acids, oils (body cream, body oils, etc.), and water, because its metal component reacts with them causing the piece of jewelry to wear down and tarnish.




We recommend you use a polishing cloth to remove mild tarnishing marks.

Use a small piece of cotton by rubbing the silver in small circular motions.


Do not use toothpaste or tarnish cream to polish your jewelry, toothpaste can cause scratches and damage to silver and gold alike, and tarnish cream can remove the vermeil.

We offer 1 year warranty for all vermeil products.

We strongly recommend that you polish your jewelry no more than once a year in order to avoid polishing wear.


What is tarnish?

Tarnish occurs when silver comes in to contact with Hydrogen sulphide

(H2S) and Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) in the air or its immediate surroundings.

The speed at which sterling silver tarnishes can be affected by its general surroundings and environment.

Factors include, but are not limited to:

humidity, pollution, the Ph level of your skin and sweat, any chemicals you come in contact with as well the food and water you may consume.


* We would recommend as general guidelines to avoid coming in contact with the following as they can tarnish your Sterling silver items.

-   Smoke

-   Solvents

-   Some paints

-   Perfumes

-   Hand creams

-   Foods with high salt count

-  Vinegar

-  Detergents that include phosphates

-   Acetone