Our Company is fully harmonized with the European Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and the current legislation for the protection of personal data. Respect for your privacy and the protection of your personal data are a priority for us. The Company has established this Data Protection Policy, in order to inform you who visit or purchase from or become our member or subscribe to the list of recipients of our Newsletters, or in any other capacity you use of our services or participate in promotional or other actions, or use Bold By Angelique's social media (Social Media), about the type of data we collect and process and the purpose of collecting and processing your data. We also inform you about the processing of this data and its recipients and the purpose of processing on their behalf, about your rights and choices in your personal data and how to contact us for any issue that may concern you in in relation to your personal data.

The person responsible for processing your personal data is ANGELIKI TSANI (Boldbyangelique), SKOUZE 14, PIRAEUS 18536, 6948807807, VAT number 038722978, DOU Piraeus A',, (hereinafter the "Company"). You can contact us at the contact details mentioned above and submit your comments, questions, observations or any complaints regarding this Policy and the general collection and processing of your personal data. You have the right to submit any complaint regarding the protection of your personal data that may arise from the Company's processing thereof, to the Hellenic Personal Data Protection Authority (, which is the supervisory Authority in our country.


Personal data or information of a personal nature means any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person ("data subject"). An identifiable natural person is one whose identity can be ascertained, directly or indirectly.
We do not, to our knowledge, collect any information from any person under the age of 15. Our services are directed exclusively to people who are at least 15 years of age or older. If you believe we may have information from or about a person under the age of 15, please contact us.

3. WHAT data we collect about you and HOW we collect it
When you browse our Online Store or our Company's Social Media, place an order, open an Account, subscribe to our Newsletter recipient list or as a member of our loyalty program, participate in promotions , we collect various types of personal data about you, either directly from you, or from third parties or that we collect or generate through our own means (including automated means).
For example, we collect the following personal data for you:
Identity Data: (name, surname, username, membership code or other similar identifier) that you provide to us when submitting your order or when you register as our Member by opening an Account, participating in contests, etc.
Contact Data: (landline or mobile phone, e-mail address and other contact information) that you provide to us when placing an order, opening an Account or in the context of receiving commercial communications from our Company, or in the context of your participation in various actions of our Company.
Delivery Data: Postal Address (street, number, zip code, city, country)
Financial data: (bank account, transaction value, credit, refunds, debit or credit card details, billing address, etc.) that you provide to us when paying by electronic means, in case of a refund, that we infer from your purchases, etc. The registration of the card details, their confirmation, the binding of the amount and the final charge are made in a secure environment (SSL) of Piraeus Bank. Our website under no circumstances knows, does not handle and does not store your card details.
Transaction/Purchase Data we collect about your purchase and/or from your Account.
Consumer Behavior Data, i.e. consumer preferences when browsing the Online Store, i.e. the items you see, your shopping cart, your interaction on Social Media, gift redemption, purchase frequency, method, time of purchase, type of purchase, etc. , based on your purchase products, comments or any responses to surveys that we carry out.
Technical data such as the source channel, Internet Protocol (IP) address, time zone and location, input data, browser type and version, operating system and platform and other technology on the devices you use to access the Website our Location etc. For more details about the information we collect through cookies please see our policy below.
Login Data to your Account or membership in the loyalty program, which is the user name (username – which corresponds to your email or mobile phone number) and the access code (password).
Profile Data in the context of your interaction with us.
Demographic Data: age, gender, place of residence, which is collected either directly from you or inferred from the subjects' transactions in our Online Store.
Marketing data, which includes your preferences about receiving promotional materials.
4. We collect the following personal data DIRECTLY FROM YOU:

When submitting your order, whether it is online or by phone, you must provide us with your name, the shipping address of the products, your email and your contact phone number (mobile).
When subscribing to the list of recipients of the Company's newsletters (Newsletter), you provide us with your email address.
When you register for contests that our Company conducts from time to time, you provide us with your personal information that is determined on a case-by-case basis.
When you communicate with us on our Company's social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and with the customer service department (except in cases of telephone orders), you provide us with your personal information such as identity, communication, or transaction data, which we use on a case-by-case basis exclusively to serve your request.
Your personal data may be shared with us by third party independent organizations where there is a legal basis for processing and they have a relevant right to do so. In these cases, you must be informed about the processing of your personal data from the relevant Data Protection Statement of these third parties. These organizations may include social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Twitter.

  5. HOW we use your personal data.
Your personal data is used by us for the following purposes:
i. To receive your orders, process them, and ship the products to you.
ii. Communicating with you about issues related to the sale of our products to you.
iii. To manage, process and process your payments including the security of our financial transaction.
iv. For serving you as a Bold by Angelique Member by opening your Account with us.
v. To create, store and maintain a database of our customers and to analyze it.
vi. To send you commercial communication via Newsletter, SMS, or other multimedia (VIBER) regarding news of our Company, products, offers and promotions.
vii. To analyze your behavior and understand your preferences.
viii. To understand and analyze the results of our advertising and promotions.
ix. To process your requests such as for example withdrawal, product replacement, etc.,
x. To satisfy your rights regarding your personal data.
For other purposes for which we will notify you, or will be identified as the case may be, at the point where the information about you is initially collected
6. Legal bases of processing your rights.
The Legal Basis for using information about you is one of the following:
i. The execution of the contract of sale to which you are a party.
ii. For communication either at a pre-contractual stage or regarding issues concerning your transactional relationship with the Company, such as when purchasing one of our products in order to inform you of any unavailability thereof, for notification of order execution, for communication regarding the shipment of the product, to inform you of changes to our terms of use or to the Privacy Statement and other policies adopted by the Company.
iii. To fulfill our obligations arising from the Sales Agreement, such as for example our payment, the issuing of documents, the correct delivery of the products to you.
iv. To participate in a competition or draw as part of our promotions if you accept the terms of participation.
v. the legitimate business interest that is not overridden by your data protection interests
vi. To manage and protect our business and website
vii. To better understand our customer base so that we can improve our services, products and promotions.
viii. For the purposes of market research, evaluation and analysis of your opinion about our products and our commercial policy, reputation, recognition of our trademarks and other distinguishing features.
ix. To collect and recover money owed to us.
x. In the context of its activities, the Company is obliged to process your personal data in order to comply with its obligations deriving from the law, such as for example to comply with the financial data of transactions for tax purposes, to use your email for sending to it confirmation of execution of your order, etc.
xi. if none of the above applies, your consent (which we will ask for before we process the information). Your free and informed consent is the legal basis for the use of your email and/or mobile phone to send you direct commercial communication in the form of Newsletters to your emails, or SMS/VIBER updates to your mobile, when you are not, for example, a customer of ours or wherever applicable.
xii. To advertise our company and products on social media to you and others who may also be interested in what we offer.


In the context of the operation of the e-shop, the fulfillment of our contractual obligations and the best service to you, our Company reserves the right to cooperate with third-party companies-service providers, which provide us with support and gain access only to your data absolutely necessary for the service they offer us (e.g. your registration in the e-shop and the management of your account, the execution of the purchase agreement between us and the general provision of our services to you, the functional and computerized organization of the website https: // the optimization of our products and services etc.). These third party service providers are contractually bound not to use your information in any way other than to help us provide you with the products and services we agree to.
Your stored data may be shared with the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities upon their legal request and in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions. In addition, in the event of a legal provision, official order or official preliminary examination, the Company has the right without objection to make the relevant data available to the respective service.
The Company does not transmit your data to third countries, outside the European Economic Area.

8. SECURITY of your personal data
  The information you submit to the Company is managed exclusively by specially authorized personnel of the Company. To carry out the processing, the Company selects persons or third-party partners with corresponding professional qualifications who provide sufficient guarantees in terms of technical knowledge and personal integrity for the observance of confidentiality. The Company, through the corresponding contractual commitments and its partners, takes all the necessary security measures to protect and ensure the privacy, confidentiality and integrity of personal data. In any case, the security of those in the platform environment is subject to reasons beyond its sphere of influence, as well as reasons due to a technical or other weakness of the network not controlled by the Company or reasons of force majeure or fortuitous events.

9. Retention time of your personal data
We will retain your personal data for as long as you continue to interact with us. At the same time, we keep your personal data for purposes of legal interest which consists of our legal coverage in case of any conflict regarding the sales contract, the maintenance of your Account, our commercial policy or any other transaction between us, for the period of time during which could result in liability from the processing, in accordance with the applicable legislation. Your Financial Data may be kept by our Company in the context of its legal obligation to comply with its tax obligations. We keep your other data until you ask us to delete it, or what we keep and process in the context of your consent, until you withdraw it, or until you object to its processing by us based on our legitimate interest.
We reserve the right in certain cases to anonymize your data for research or statistical purposes, in which case they are not combined with an identifiable person, so we reserve the right to use this information indefinitely. In any case, your data is stored securely.
With regard to your personal data that we hold and process, you have the following rights:

i. ask us to access them to confirm that we are processing them in accordance with the law and/or your own instructions and preferences;
ii. ask us to correct incomplete, out-of-date or inaccurate data we hold about you; Of course, we also reserve the right to ask you to update your information at regular intervals.
iii. ask us to delete them, since of course the law does not oblige us to the contrary.
iv. ask us to limit their use, under certain circumstances;
v. object to their use, under certain circumstances;
vi. withdraw your consent to their use;
vii. have the right to data portability, under certain conditions;
viii. file a complaint with the country's supervisory authority.
ix. not to be subject to a decision made solely on the basis of automated processing, including profiling, under certain circumstances.
You can exercise your rights by "unsubscribing" from emails we send you, by calling 6944335007 or by emailing
We may, for the security of your information, request certain information about you for the purpose of identifying you. Your right is exercised free of charge, however, when you exercise your right abusively, we may ask you for a fee, in accordance with the conditions set by law. In any case, we respond to your requests within one month from the date of receipt of the request, except in exceptional cases where our response time to your request may be longer.
This version was updated on 04/24/2023. We reserve the right to change this statement and to implement any change to your data and our practices regarding the collection and processing thereof, in accordance with what is provided by law, and/or to modify or replace all and/or part of of this Policy at our sole discretion.
The continuation of your navigation on our Website, or the use of our Services and/or the purchase through our Online Store, implies the automatic and unconditional acceptance of the modified terms of this policy on your part. In the event that you do not agree with the modifications, you must not take any action or use the Website or purchase, much less the provision of personal data, and you are entitled to terminate the contracts between us and request the deletion of your Account and data your. In any case, for any information or clarification, you can contact us.

Any changes to this Policy will be posted here immediately.