There are five basic steps to working with Silver:

  1. Saw the metal into the shape you desire
  2. File the metal
  3. Work the metal (by forging, hammering, texturing, dapping and/or doming it) to further shape it
  4. Solder the metal (join the precious and semi-precious metals such as Silver, Gold, brass, and copper)
  5. Finish the metal (by texturing, burnishing, buffing, polishing and patinating it)

What you need for Silver jewellery making

Hand torch

Soldering probe or pick

Soldering board

Ring mandrel

Rawhide mallet

  • Metal files: Half-round files, flat files and needle files

Metal files

Copper tongs or tweezers


  • A ceramic or glass pot for your pickle

Flush cutters

Needle nose pliers

Round nose pliers

Parallel jaw pliers


Silver solder

  • Silver wire/sheet/chips/paste

Silver metal

Polishing cloth

Mechanical tumbler

  • A mask

Face mask